Tomatin is more than just another whisky distillery. Since 1897, our people have worked hard to build the Tomatin community that exists today and lies at the heart of everything we do. We produce quality single malt and blended Scotch whisky in an area of stunning natural beauty which has rich whisky making traditions dating back to the 1500s.


Cù Bòcan



Tomatin Single Malt

Since 1897 there has been a quiet revolution unfolding in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. High up amongst the smooth, rounded peaks of the Monadhliath Mountains there is no room for the rugged and robust. Here patience, a gentle hand and a passion for purity rule the day.

In this idyllic spot the naturally soft water of the Alt-na-Frith burn is introduced to tender Scottish barley. Later, from the tall, slim copper stills of the Tomatin Distillery a mellow, fruity spirit is born. Gentle maturation in the cool, stable environment found high above sea level lets the subtle character of this distinctive Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky emerge. The use of carefully selected casks ensures that the softer characters of the precious spirit are never overpowered.

Cù Bòcan

Cù Bòcan Single Malt

A celebration of the subtleties of smoke and perfectly balanced sweetness, Cù Bòcan is an experimental Highland Single Malt that explores innovative finishes to create whiskies full of intrigue and surprise. Cù Bòcan is made with lightly peated Scottish barley and matured in a variety of interesting casks to unlock its unusual flavours, and has been produced in small batches every winter at Tomatin Distillery since 2005.

Thanks to lightly peated barley, every Cù Bòcan holds a signature wisp of smoke. That’s why each edition is an exploration in the subtleties of smoke, the characters of the casks and the mastery of maturation.


Shirakawa 1958

This incredibly rare and limited release single malt, is believed to be the earliest known single vintage Japanese whisky ever bottled. It will be the only official single malt ever to be released from Shirakawa Distillery. The world’s rarest Japanese whisky ever bottled is distributed worldwide by Tomatin Distillery Co. Ltd.

Stephen Bremner, Managing Director at the Tomatin Distillery Co. Ltd., had become intrigued by parent company Takara Shuzo’s history of malt whisky production in Japan. Very little was known about this aspect of the company’s history but undeterred he kept asking questions and knocking on doors, hopeful that some liquid trace remained somewhere within the company. This led, in 2019, to the discovery of this parcel of Shirakawa Single Malt Japanese Whisky.

Tomatin’s Private Cask Programme

Tomatin Single Malt exudes luxury among its batch releases, prestige limited editions from the Warehouse 6 Collection and the exceptional 50 Year Old. Our Private Cask Programme presents an esteemed collection of hand-selected single casks, truly remarkable expressions of the versatile spirit which Tomatin Single Malt offers.

Visit Tomatin

Visiting the Tomatin Distillery

The Tomatin Distillery is located just 16 miles south of Inverness, Scotland and is home to Tomatin Single Malt, Cù Bòcan Single Malt and The Antiquary.

The Visitor Centre is open for guest tours and our retail store offers a wide selection of Tomatin Distillery whiskies and gifts. Hand fill your own bottle of one of our cask strength distillery exclusive whiskies and take it home as an extra special memento of your Tomatin Distillery experience.



In 1897 Tomatin was nothing but an isolated and idyllic setting for a distillery. With the new Highland Railway came opportunities, and so the distillery was born.

Since then, the distillery has been at the heart of the community and the community at the heart of the distillery. Today, the Tomatin Legacy lives on in the form of an exciting and varied range of Highland single malt and blended Scotch whiskies.